Self-Hosting a Blog – Choosing a Reliable Hosting Service

You have an idea for your blog, you’re raring to go and you’ve already read about the benefits of using a proper host for your content. So, what service do you use? Is there really any difference between the cheaper and more expensive hosting plans?

Cheap Hosts Are Not Always Great Value

One of the big things that we learned as experienced bloggers is that not all hosting services are created equal. Cheaper plans are inferior in several key areas, speed, support, stability and services.


A major factor in Google page speed scores, which are key for making your content rank on search engines, is the server response speed. Cheaper hosting providers use lesser hardware or dedicate fewer hardware resources to serving your content. This results in slower page loads, especially for content-rich pages with images or other files and has a negative impact on your site’s user experience. A reader sat waiting for your blog to load may be a lost reader.



Having used several hosting services in the past, we can tell you from experience that the quality of support across companies can vary wildly. If you ever encounter problems that you are not equipped to fix it really helps to have someone knowledgeable on hand to help you. The cheaper hosts have long wait times for responses to problems and often the first line support staff are unable to rectify problems. Siteground’s support staff have proven themselves qualified, quick to respond and helpful on any number of issues from security to plugin problems.


If your blog is full of content but the server is always experiencing downtime or instability, the content is meaningless. It’s important to choose a host that has a good track record of uptime and fixing problems quickly if your site is ever unavailable. Ultimately, you’re looking for a service that minimises these problems in the first place and while cheap hosting might give you a working website at first, you’ll have to deal with the performance degrading as your site grows.


Services and Features

The services and features provided by your host should also be a major factor in your decision. Do they provide email hosting so you can get an “****“ email address? Is the traffic bandwidth or the number of pageviews quoted sufficient for your expected traffic? These are important questions to think about when starting out, but beyond that, some hosts offer unique plugins for a WordPress blog. We believe that the Siteground Optimiser is a major selling point that truly makes it easy to speed up and optimise your blog for the modern web, through compressing and converting images, minifying files and a whole host of other features. You can read a dedicated article about the Siteground Optimiser here that goes far more in-depth.

We Recommend Siteground for Reliable Feature Rich Hosting Services

We’d only ever recommend the best when it comes to hosting services and that’s why the entirety of Samphire Media’s portfolio is based on Siteground. It’s fast, reliable and provides unique features that make managing your blog super easy without the need for a hundred different plugins all doing different things.

You can check out the latest offers and pricing for *Siteground hosting here. Remember that choosing appropriate hosting is a long-term investment in your blog and that quality services have just as much of a benefit for your blog’s readers as they do for you!

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