Reasons You Might Want To Quit Blogging

Over the years blogging has developed as a great way to earn an income from home. It has evolved from a way for someone to express their thoughts and review their favourite products into a viable industry, with bloggers from around the world covering every niche being able to monetise their words. However, for some, they don’t get too far before they end up giving up or abandoning their new blog and here are a few reasons you keep quitting blogging.

Many blogs barely make it past a year, with six months being the usual timeframe for a blog being discarded. So, why do so many new bloggers give up? What makes them quit before they’re even really got started?

No Direction

Getting started with blogging isn’t an easy task. You must decide on a name, on a niche, where you will host it, the blog’s content, how and when you want to monetise it, and promotion such as social media channels. If you don’t spend time at the start, planning exactly where you want your blog to go, it’s going to end badly. What is the future of your blog? Where will it be in a year, five years, ten years? Is your content evergreen and long-lasting or is it topical with a short lifespan? Do you have enough ideas to see it continues to evolve or is there a chance your thoughts and ideas will dry up quickly? Make sure you give yourself direction. futureproof your content and know where you are wanting to take it.


Content Turnaround

When you start a blog all you want to do is fire out content for your readers. You want them to find you and have plenty to read when they do. There is nothing wrong with that, however, if you continue to publish content at the speed you started to then you have a huge chance of running out of it before too long.

Usually, it is recommended to have around 10 quality posts on your site before you think about promoting it, which is fine to get done within the first days or weeks of a new site but then you’ll want to slow it down. Do not be afraid to create a list of content you want to write, write it up, and then stagger its publish date so you have regular content going out weekly or even fortnightly. Then, once you are an established blogger you will find that content comes to you in the form of sponsored work and guest posts.

The Amount of Work Involved

You don’t just write your posts and they automatically get seen, however, it would be nice. In order for people to find your content, they either need to be ranked by search engines such as Google or YOU need to tell the world about them. To be found by search engines requires a good knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which can be learned through the numerous posts, videos and courses available on the internet. These posts need to be “perfect” with the post containing images, keywords, links etc. If you are expecting to earn a good income from a blog you need to treat it like a job, the more time and effort you can put in the more you will see come out of it.

This also means building a social media following, collaborating with other bloggers, attending events, and looking for people/PRs to work with is recommended.


Expecting Instant Results

Establishing a blog for an income takes time, you can’t buy your hosting, add a few posts, monetise it and expect to be earning £100’s within the first weeks – it just doesn’t work like that. Many blogs barely make it past a year because they’re not earning what they were expecting but it often takes a year to get noticed. Expect to earn back your hosting costs in the first year, any more is a bonus.

There are exceptions to this. If you are creating a site purely to accept paid-for links then these sites can be earning well within the first couple of months but they tend to be low quality, generic sites.

Boredom Has Set In

Getting bored of your site isn’t unheard of. If you’ve picked a niche that wasn’t for you or a subject you don’t care about then you’re likely to get bored really quickly.

To prevent boredom, you need to make sure you are interested in what you are writing about. It’s all well and good picking a niche that you think will earn you the easiest money, but to write quality content, there needs to be some level of interest or knowledge there to start with. If your subject matter doesn’t interest, you then you’ll just get bored and stop.

If any of these are true to you, then take a step back and think about what you can do to change this, especially if you really want to take blogging for an income seriously.

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