Choosing a Blog Niche

Ultimately the hardest part for starting any blog or website is deciding on what topic area you want to cover and then finding a name that not only fits the website but is also available. It is at this stage in the planning process that you can the most mistakes by going down the wrong path so it is important that you take some time to think before choosing a niche for your blog.

What Blog Niche Should You Choose?

When thinking about which niche you should choose it certainly helps if it’s either something you are really interested in or have a lot of knowledge about and most importantly, something that you can keep writing about. Do not pigeonhole yourself into a topic that is so focused that it limits what you can talk about. 

If you can’t really decide on a niche then either make it a general lifestyle site or multi-niched.

Do You Need A Niche For Your Blog?

Short answer, no, not really!

However, there are pros and cons to having a niche so before you write it off, take a look.

Find your niche


  • It’s very easy to build an audience with a niche as anyone who comes to your site knows what to expect. They’re not going to come one day because you have a great article about crafts to do on a rainy day to then find you talking about quantum physics the next.
  • Your information and opinion may be held in higher regard due to it being the focus of your site.
  • You can get really creative with your content. For example, you’re a finance blog so movie reviews aren’t really in your area however, there is nothing stopping you from doing a top 5 films about money. Oceans 12 or Wolf of Wall Street anyone?
  • It’s easier to rank for specific search terms when your site is focused. Multiple topics, although they can do well individually, tend to make it harder for Google to know what the site is about…however, there is a con to this too.


  • It can often be hard to create new content within that niche, especially if that niche doesn’t produce products or content regularly enough to write about.
  • Leading on from the pro about ranking well. If the topic of your site isn’t regularly searched it can take a long time to get search traffic.
  • Having a multiple niche site can allow you to have fingers in many pies, so to speak. Those with “Lifestyle Blogs” can pretty much apply for every opportunity going. However, as mentioned in the pros, there is nothing stopping you from getting creative to involve other topics of discussion.
  • If you can’t fit those other topics into your niche then you may need to either start a new site or rebrand in order to incorporate them. Ultimately, it’d be down to whether you can juggle more than one site.

Parenting blogger image child

Popular Blog Niches

The possibilities of blogging niches are endless and you can really write about anything. Some niches are a lot more popular than others which is great because it means that people are looking for this type of content and reading it, but it also means there is a lot of competition to compete with for Google ranking and paid work. Here are some of the most popular blogging categories:

  • Parenting
  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Health and Fitness
  • Food
  • DIY
  • Personal Finance

Adding a little twist to your niche can help you stand out from the crowd and set you apart from the generic bloggers within your chosen niche. Are you wanting to be a Frugal Foodie? A Plus Size Fashion Blogger? Upcycler DIY and Crafter? Just remember, do not make your niche so specific that you struggle to create content for it!

Profitable Blog Niches

You might be reading this with the intent to turn your blog into an income and to do that you do need to carefully think about your content. There are some niches that naturally make more money than others and if your goal is purely cash then you might want to consider these areas.

Parenting Blogs

These blogs are very popular due to the sheer amount of parents looking to read about other parent’s lives, their recommendations and advice. Parenting websites are perfect for affiliate links through recommendations, sponsored content with companies wanting their products reviewed and are great for ad companies. 

Food Blogs

Every day 1000’s of people are searching for their next meal idea or something to bake. Food bloggers produce beautifully photographed recipes that entice their readers and quite often get repeat visits if their recipe is good. They are great sources of income from affiliate programs, ads and even have the flexibility of writing recipe books to sell.

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Travel Blogs

At the time of writing this post, travel bloggers have been hit hard by COVID-19 for obvious reasons. Once travel restrictions lift, travel bloggers not only have an amazing experience but have such a large earning potential. Well written reviews of destinations with lots of images have readers coming back time and time again planning their next trip.

Health and Fitness Blogs

Health and fitness blogs are one of the most popular blog niches and the industry itself is worth billions. Even narrowing down your niche to a specific lifestyle, diet or fitness plan will allow you to earn a good income from it.

Blog Niches To Avoid

You really can blog about anything and everything but if you’re wanting your site to grow and make money then there are a few niches you are best avoiding.

Tech Blogs

Yes, technology blogs. Tech blogs are a sorry story in the fact that by nature, they’re the perfect niche with a huge market to reach. However, the tech tip and recommendation industry already has some of the biggest named players and trying to take them on often ends in failure. If tech really is your preferred niche then try and make it something a little different, avoiding the generic content that is already done so well.

News/Entertainment/Gossip Blogs

Unless you want to go down the satirical route then you’re best avoiding these altogether. With a multitude of sites already in assistance and big names like the BBC, your site will not stand a chance. In fact, gossip sites tend to get flagged as fake news by Goggle so it’s certainly worth avoiding.

Gambling Blogs

While there is a market for shady, non-disclosed gambling links, the whole area is walking a fine line of legality. You are best just avoiding it.

Money Blogs

Now, I started off within the money blog community and have slowly stepped away because there seems to be a new money blogger popping up every 5 minutes to tell you how they got out of debt. Some money bloggers do an amazing job while others are very much in it for the affiliate links and signup referrals. The mentality of “I want to make money from home, I’ll just start a blog about making money from home” is so overdone that it’s almost a meme. If you are not qualified or experienced in personal finance then step away and find something else.

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Finding Your Blogging Niche

Take your time and really plan what you want to do. Ask yourself these questions…

  • How often can I write a quality post about my niche?
  • Will my niche still be relevant in 5 years time?
  • If I want to earn money from my blog, how can I do this?
  • How many others are doing the exact same thing?

There is a fine balance to be found when planning your blog’s topic. Don’t be afraid to do the same as others, just add your own twist to it. However, if there are so many people doing it then it might be worth a rethink. Make sure it will stand the test of time, you and your area will probably change many times over 5/10/15 years that you need to make sure it can change with you.

Whatever niche you decide to go with, enjoy it!