Choosing A Blog Name – Dos and Don’ts

You’ve chosen your niche and made a plan of action as to where you want to take your new blog, now to think of a name and purchase the domain. The most important thing to consider when choosing a name for your blog or website is whether it will grow with you and be relevant in a few years time.

The name of your blog is one of the hardest parts about getting started unless you’re a wordplay genius. First things first, your blog name will be your brand so it needs to tell people who you are or what you are about, but it can also come with a whole range of issues from turning readers or collaborations away from you to leading to a complete rebrand. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing your blog name.

Things You Should Do

Take Your Time

If you rush into making a decision without taking the time to really think about it, you may end up regretting it and having to deal with the time and cost of rebranding. Take your time to research and see what is out there already.

Be Unique

Your blog name should reflect you and your content so try to make it different to the rest. If you want to be a parenting blogger try to avoid “Mum”, “Mommy”, “Dad” and “Daddy” as these are far too common. The same with food blogs, yes, “food” tells people what you are about but there are 100’s of blogs with food as the main word.

The word future with a pair of child's shoes

Think About The Future

Will your new blog name stand the test of time? Using dates, at least the current date, will soon no longer be relevant. You might be a teacher now but what about in 5 years time? Your baby will only be a baby for so long. Avoid time restraining names and ask yourself, will this name grow with me?

Be Honest

Trying to portray something you’re not, in the hope it will be a popular niche, will only come to bite you on the butt later. Yes, veganism is all the rage but if you’re not vegan then don’t choose that as a niche or as part of your blog name. You’ll only go and lose readership trust when someone recognises you with a cheeseburger in your mouth.

Check Social Media

You might not plan to use social media channels, though I recommend you do, still take the time to check your potential name is also available on popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter – you can even go further afield by checking YouTube, Pinterest, Twitch and Tiktok. Having a consistent name across all of your platforms will make it easier for you and your readers.

Consider The Length of Your Name

Long domain names are such an inconvenience. If you can, keep your domain name as short as possible even if your actual blog name is longer. Example: Chammy In Real Life –

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Think About Your Audience

If you are a UK blogger think about buying the domain as UK readers tend to trust UK domains more. If you can afford it, then buy both the and the .com with one being redirected to the other.

Things You Really Shouldn’t Do

Use Other Names

Using your own name or nickname is a great idea, however, using other people’s names such as your child’s is a great way to limit your potential. If you decide to have another child then you will end up rebranding. If you split from your partner and have their name in it then you might need to rebrand. The same goes for the number of children, unless you are 100% that situation isn’t going to change…ever!

Other Brand Names

Using another brand’s names or any of their trademarked terms as part of your name is a great way to get into trouble fast. Firstly, they don’t like it such as the case of A Pinch of Nom and Slimming World. You are limiting yourself to that brand that could easily disappear without warning, leaving you to rebrand. There is also the chance that the brand will have its own rebrand like Weight Watchers have recently done. Do not link your brand to another brand via your name.

Special characters and letters

Use Numbers, Special Characters and Abbreviations

Using characters such as a hyphen (-) is considered a little clumsy in the world of blogging and SEO. If your brand has a number in the name then that’s fine to use, just don’t add one because your desired domain name was taken eg. mummyblogger42.

If you are wanting to appeal to readers outside of your own country then try to avoid letters with accents due to them not appearing natively on keyboards and many people do not know the shortcut for them.

Other Things to Consider

Once you’ve decided on a name or a number of them, it is time to check how they’d look and sound in the real world. Read it out loud, does it sound ok or could it be read in multiple ways – for example, “myasspace” which is supposed to be “Mya’s Space” but will most likely be read as “My Ass Pace”.

Run it by your friends and family, what do they think of it and can they tell what the site is going to be about?

Then, ultimately, is it available? You can run the name through a domain checker and it will let you know whether it is available to purchase. Some sites such as GoDaddy will also give you options should it not be available.

Now, it is time to go buy that domain and start your blogging journey!