Reasons You Might Want To Quit Blogging

Quitting Blogging

Over the years blogging has developed as a great way to earn an income from home. It has evolved from a way for someone to express their thoughts and review their favourite products into a viable industry, with bloggers from around the world covering every niche being able to monetise their words. However, for some, they don’t get too far before they end up giving up or abandoning their new blog and here are a few reasons you keep quitting blogging.

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Monetising Your Blog

monetising your blog

Once you have your new blog up and running you can start looking at the different ways to make money, both actively and passively. This can take some time to decide what is going to be the best method, or methods, for your own site so take time to think about which monetisation routes will best fit your content. Here are some of the ways you can monetise your blog.

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Self Host or Use a Free Blogging Service?

Web hosting

Tumblr,, Blogger, all provide a service that allows you to quickly and easily set up a blog website and get going quickly. They have several upsides over self-hosting (building your blog and hosting it with a service like Siteground) such as ease of use and the quickness of getting set up but we’re here to talk about why, if you’re serious about getting into blogging and maybe even making money while you do it, self-hosted is always the way to go.

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Choosing a Blog Niche

Find your niche

Ultimately the hardest part for starting any blog or website is deciding on what topic area you want to cover and then finding a name that not only fits the website but is also available. It is at this stage in the planning process that you can the most mistakes by going down the wrong path so it is important that you take some time to think before choosing a niche for your blog.

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